pink lemonade 3 ways

My friend Mel, Life as Mrs. Mum, asked if I could concoct a recipe for pink lemonade.  The MasterChef lover in me thought, why make 1 when I could make the same thing 3 different ways?  I pitched the idea to my fiancé Brandon and he was all over it.


These are what we came up with:


From left to right: sparking cassis lemonade, pinki martini, pink iceberg.

What you’ll need:

creme de cassis
fresh basil
egg white
soda water
simple syrup
frozen lemonade
prepared pink lemonade
watermelon pieces

sparkling cassis lemonade


What you’ll do:

Fill the glass with ice.

Add 1 oz vodka, 1 tablespoon simple syrup, and juice from half of a lemon.

Top up with soda water.

Finish with a smash of creme de cassis on top and a lemon round.


pinki martini


What you’ll do:

Fill a shaker with ice.

Add 2 oz gin, 2 basil leaves, a handful of raspberries, 2 lemon slices, and 1 egg white.

Shake all together and serve in a chilled martini glass.  Garnish with fresh basil.


pink iceberg


What you’ll do:

Fill the glass half with ice.

Add 2 oz vodka and top up to about 3/4 with pink lemonade.

In a blender combine half of a can of frozen lemonade and ice.

Add your iceberg to the top.

Garnish with watermelon.



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  1. Jodie says:

    Now you’re talkin’! I’m going to try that at our party Saturday night! I’ll let you know!

    Liked by 1 person

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